The following Conservation areas exist on the Shotley Peninsula, and permission from Babergh DC must be sought before any tree work can be carried out a Conservation area on a tree with a diameter of 75mm at a height of 1.5m from the ground, with the exception of:

  • Making a tree safe if it is an imminent threat to people or property.
  • Removing dead wood, or a dead tree.

There is still a duty to notify Babergh District Council that work has been completed including supplying an explanation of the necessity.

The Conservation Areas are: 

  • Pin Mill
  • Shotley Gate
  • Woolverstone.

In addition, "TPO 33" exists covering a large area on the river Orwell side of the main road.


Details of the Conservation area boundaries can be found in the Babergh DC publications.

Pin Mill Conservation Area Appraisal

Shotley Gate Conservation Area Appraisal

Woolverstone Conservation Area Appraisal

For more info, go to the Babergh and Mid Suffolk DC website, Planning Portal, or click here to go straight to the Trees and Hedges section. Now that Babergh has joined forces with Mid Suffolk, an on-line, interactive map is available detailing all TPO's and Conservation Areas. Click here to view it.

For the National Tree Safety Group document "Common sense risk management of trees" click here

For the East Anglian Tree and Landscape Officer Group (EATaLOG) Chalara Action Kit, click here